Build Better Connections with Your Clients

Whether you are a student intern or a seasoned professional, the Connect EMDR team can take you from learning the basics to mastering advanced clinical skills through a full range of both face-to-face and web-based training and consultation offerings.

We are not a cookie cutter therapist training company.

We are a cohesive team with years of EMDR therapy training experience working together to develop deep roots and relationships in Florida and across the country.

As a mental health professional, you know that the effectiveness of psychotherapy depends largely on the connection between therapist and client.

We believe the same is true for effective professional training and consultation.

While you can learn from a book or video, a great training brings the information to life and fosters important new connections with peers, mentors…even global organizations that keep you plugged into the latest research and evidence-based treatment evolutions.

We have poured our hearts into creating collaborative communities of highly skilled, trauma-informed professionals capable of treating a range of clinical complaints from simple to highly complex.

We work with colleges and universities, community agencies, treatment centers, and private practitioners to dramatically increase clinical effectiveness while tailoring training and consultation to meet your immediate and long-term goals.

Whether you are a student intern or a seasoned professional, the Connect EMDR team can take you from learning the basics to mastering advanced clinical skills through a full range of both face-to-face and online training and consultation offerings.

Connect welcomes trainees and consultees from all cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual and gender orientations. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all trainees and consultees, including Black People, People of Color, Indigenous People, and LGBTQ People. We pledge to proactively address issues of cultural competence and culturally-based trauma during every phase of professional development.


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What is EMDR and Why Should I Add This to My Practice?

EMDR: A Powerful & Proven Psychotherapy

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It is an evidence-based treatment for children, teens, and adults.  From premiere residential treatment centers to community mental health agencies to private practices around the world, over 100,000 trained EMDR therapists have helped millions of people reduce suffering and restore hope.  More than 30 positive controlled research studies support the benefits of EMDR for depression, PTSD, and more. That’s why EMDR Therapy is endorsed by the World Health Organization, the American Psychiatric Association, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, among others, for the treatment of PTSD and trauma.

Comprehensive Treatment for Simple to Complex Cases

Research shows that adverse life events, including early attachment injuries and developmental trauma, often show up later as depression, anxiety, anger, health issues, relationship problems, substance abuse, or compulsive behaviors.

EMDR Therapy offers a flexible and comprehensive approach to understanding and treating the basis of current dysfunction. EMDR can dramatically reduce or eliminate disturbing symptoms, distressing emotions, and unwanted behaviors…while fostering positive new perspectives and increased resilience.  EMDR therapists help clients heal past wounds, eliminate current triggers, and prepare for future success.

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Attendee Feedback

I can’t wait to continue my EMDR journey with clients. Very powerful!

An exciting training that will add a lot to what I have to offer as a therapist.

Awesome! Looking forward to continued growth and development with you!

Thanks for a life-changing experience this weekend both personally and professionally. You are such a dynamic team!

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