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Transform Your Therapy Practice with EMDR

Whether you are a student intern or a seasoned professional, the Connect team can take you from learning the basics of EMDR Therapy to EMDR Certification and mastery of advanced clinical skills. We provide a full range of both in-person and web-based training and consultations. 

As a mental health professional, you know that the effectiveness of any psychotherapy depends largely on the connection between therapist and client.

We believe the same is true for professional training and consultation.

A great training brings information to life and fosters important new connections with peers, mentors…even global organizations that keep you plugged into the latest research and evidence-based treatment evolutions. 

Our cohesive team is proud of the deep relationships we’ve built with graduate programs, community agencies, treatment centers, and private practitioners in Florida and around the world. We thrive on helping individuals and organizations reach their goals through tailored training and consultation experiences. We’d love to welcome you to our global community of healers!

Meet Our Team

Evidence-Based, EMDRIA-Approved & Accredited EMDR Training

Connect has earned a worldwide reputation for providing quality EMDR training that remains faithful to Dr. Francine Shapiro’s research-validated model. We adhere to strict professional standards so that you can achieve the best possible client outcomes.

The Connect faculty consists of highly-experienced, EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Trainers and Consultants with decades of combined experience. Faculty members are expert EMDR therapists with active clinical practices. We stay aware of new developments and contribute to the field through our research, publications, global collaborations, and service positions within EMDRIA.

How do you learn best?


Come meet your colleagues at face to face events. Hugs & handshakes optional.


Attend live, interactive events via Zoom. We make it easy!


Access learning opportunities whenever & wherever it’s convenient for you.

I can't say enough good about this course. I will be recommending it to colleagues. I feel confident that I can help to heal.

Aimee Rohrer-Kraemer

Everything was excellent, so glad I chose Connect!

Regan Meier

Incredibly helpful and fantastic. I loved this training, and would recommend it highly to anyone who is seeking further education on EMDR.

Romina Schnelle

I am so glad that I chose Connect EMDR for my basic training. The training was well organized and informative. Presenters and facilitators were knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful. It made learning a new modality like EMDR much less intimidating.

Julie Love Richardson

I loved this training. The trainers are very passionate about EMDR and you can feel their belief in the process as they teach. I'm excited to move forward.

Logan Bornstein

Very glad to have decided to invest in this training. Connect’s EMDR training really made the theory and what I have read about EMDR come alive.

Bennet Rachal

It was a great training. I learned a great deal and am excited to apply it to my clients. The training was information packed and loads of opportunities to ask questions & apply the knowledge in practice.

Kilondra Davis

This is the best training I've received. It's refreshing to receive something that is so useful right out the gate. This should be taught in school. Very satisfied.

Chris Polzin

Very well done, all around. High quality presenters and material! Would highly recommend for any clinician seeking training on this subject.

David Webb

This was a great training. The trainers and facilitators were so engaging and I have a new excitement about EMDR and applying it in my practice.

Nicole Charara

Why Should I Add EMDR to My Practice?

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EMDR Therapy is an evidence-based treatment that has helped millions of children, teens, and adults reduce suffering and restore hope. More than 30 positive controlled research studies support the benefits of EMDR for depression, PTSD, and more.

EMDR Therapy offers a flexible and comprehensive approach to understanding and treating the basis of current dysfunction. It can dramatically reduce or eliminate disturbing symptoms, distressing emotions, and unwanted behaviors…while fostering positive new perspectives and increased resilience.  EMDR therapists help clients heal past wounds, eliminate current triggers, and prepare for future success.

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We value our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Connect welcomes trainees and consultees from all cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual and gender orientations.

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