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Connect welcomes trainees and consultees from all cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as sexual and gender orientations. We also realize that it is not enough to simply have an inclusive attitude: we must follow through with education and action. We must work in a deliberate and informed way to provide safe and inclusive learning environments for Black People, People of Color, Indigenous People, and LGBTQ People.

As Trainers, Facilitators, and Consultants, we are committed to continuing our training and development related to cultural competence and culturally-based trauma. Our trainees and consultees can expect us to proactively address and teach to these issues during every phase of professional development. We invite questions, conversations, and honest feedback each step of the way.

We are adding links to educational resources to our Connect Content Library and will be offering presentations on cultural competence through our no-fee Study Group. All Connect staff are members of the Greater Orlando Trauma Recovery Network, through which we are currently offering free EMDR sessions to those experiencing trauma related to institutional racism, racial violence, and the Pulse massacre, as well as Covid-19. We are very invested in advancing EMDR Early Interventions through our R-TEP/G-TEP trainings and upcoming G-TEP/RISC trainings and consultation groups. While these protocols can’t undo centuries of systemic oppression, they can have a huge and immediate impact on reducing suffering, restoring hope, and mitigating the intergenerational transmission of trauma.

Our mission at Connect is to nurture and build rich communities of trauma-informed therapists who lift each other up while healing the world. To that end, we are proud and eager to mentor Clinicians of Color (BIPOC) through the Certification and Consultant-in-Training processes.  Our company ethos is not to push people to pursue additional professional development but to encourage and invest in those who show interest. If you are interested in working toward Certification or CIT, please let one of the team know so that we can collaboratively plan next steps for active mentoring. We are a small company, but as we grow we will ensure that our staff reflects the diversity of our larger therapy community and the clients we serve.

We have always offered a very competitive (low) Basic Training fee, with discounted rates for students and those working in non-profit settings. Starting immediately, we will offer four $300 scholarships a year (the typical cost of 10 hours of Basic Consultation) for EMDR Basic Training to those who belong to and deliver services to a minority or underserved group. Further, we will offer partial scholarships for Certification Groups and CIT consultation. These scholarships will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to those who submit a simple Statement of Purpose for review.

Our goal is to provide a safe and encouraging community for therapists and a cadre of clinicians who provide safe and supportive therapeutic experiences for their clients. We are open to additional ideas, as well as feedback about how we’ve been doing so far and how we can do better.

In solidarity,

Claire Mauer & the Connect Team