Advanced Consultation for Special Topics & Populations

Connect Consultants also provide advanced EMDR consultant training to assist clinicians in increasing their effectiveness in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Mastering advanced protocols
  • Working with specialized populations
  • Application of EMDR therapy for specific symptoms, problems, or desired treatment outcomes
  • Acquiring support for difficult cases

Often, a challenging client can propel a clinician to develop new competencies. We are here to help! Advanced EMDR consultation can be individual on an as-needed basis or as part of a group that has a focus on increasing competency in a specific clinical area, such as R-TEP/G-TEP & Early EMDR Interventions and Children with Complex Trauma.


Master Class for Complex Trauma

An online master class of EMDR Therapists seeking to increase their skills and knowledge in working with complex trauma and dissociation in a mutually supportive and challenging environment. This facilitated process integrates advanced AIP case conceptualization with attachment theory and the theory of structural dissociation using specific texts and resource materials.

Participants will receive the benefit of two consultants, Connect EMDR’s Reg Morrow Robinson and/or Bill Brislin, a strengthening of their peer network of therapists working with complex cases, didactic and experiential exercises at each meeting with an opportunity to practice techniques, and an opportunity to integrate theory and methodology into current and future cases. Reg & Bill have facilitated this group since 2015 with each round enhancing the next. Both Reg & Bill have been delivering EMDR therapy virtually to complex clients and offering training virtually utilizing a HIPAA secure platform.

Requirements for Participation

This is a closed group for a minimum of six to a maximum of ten EMDR Therapists, plus two consultants. The group members will have completed basic EMDR training, be EMDRIA Certified Therapists, and currently be treating clients. Prior training in dissociation is not required. Members are committed to attending ten meetings, studying the required text, using an online discussion board, and presenting cases. Presenting cases to each other greatly deepens learning through broad awareness of the complexity and diversity of complex cases, as well as the healing which occurs.

Meetings are held via HIPPA-Compliant Zoom.


G-TEP Experience Bundle

The three-part G-TEP Experience Bundle was created to help you transition from understanding the group protocol within a training setting to using it skillfully in the real world. Designed to foster both personal and professional growth, the G-TEP Experience provides an “insider” experience of receiving G-TEP followed by two monthly consultation groups where you can present cases and ask questions about your EMDR Early Intervention work with clients. All meetings will be held virtually via Zoom.

Part One: Three-hour virtual EMDR Group Traumatic Episodes Protocol (G-TEP) session. Work on your own issue and enhance your understanding of the protocol at the same time.

Part Two: First 90-minute Consultation Group (virtual) focused on EMDR Early Interventions, including G-TEP.

Part Three: Second 90-minute Consultation Group (virtual) focused on EMDR Early Interventions, including G-TEP

Is this the Experience you’ve been looking for? (take our brief quiz)

  1. Have you completed the EMDR Group Traumatic Episode Protocol training or another EMDR group protocol training?
  2. Do you feel like you could benefit from another opportunity to solidify your understanding of G-TEP in order to implement it more confidently?
  3. Could you use some focused feedback regarding questions and challenges that arise as you administer the G-TEP within your specific settings, client populations, and areas of practice?
  4. And would it be nice to receive the G-TEP yourself to reduce any vicarious trauma or work-related stress you’re experiencing?
If you answered YES to any of the questions above, the G-TEP Experience Bundle might be just what you’ve been needing!
*G-TEP Experience participants will be invited to complete pre and post assessment instruments, join a full virtual group session where they work on something currently distressing, participate in a post session debrief, and complete post assessments 30 days later. This is also part of a research study. As this consists of experiential exercises and consultation, no EMDRIA credits or CEs are offered.

EMDR Early Intervention/R-TEP/G-TEP Drop-In Consultation Group

EMDR Early Intervention & R-TEP/G-TEP Drop-In Consultation Group. R-TEP/G-TEP trained therapists and those interested in learning more about the application of R-TEP/G-TEP are welcome to attend this innovative consultation group that meets 8 times per year. Each 90-minute meeting is led by either Reg Morrow Robinson or Bill Brislin. This is a chance to get expert support as you use EMDR early interventions such as R-TEP/G-TEP, PRECI, the Recent Event Protocol, within your practice and/or community to address recent or ongoing traumatic events.

Group topics include case discussions, how to work effectively with different populations and settings, review of recent research and design, and ways to dive deeper into EEI applications.

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