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The News: Connect has been approved by the EMDR International Association to provide EMDR Institute Regional Basic Trainings via HIPPA-Compliant Zoom. Our content and approach to digital training have been carefully reviewed and recognized as meeting the highest standards. You can find out more about our upcoming virtual training here.

Why it Matters: Because people need hope and healing, and you want the knowledge and skill to help them feel better, faster.

The prolonged pandemic has thrown a wrench into plans for face-to face EMDR Basic Trainings across the country and around the world. Yet the burden of trauma, grief, and stress continues to increase. Individually and collectively, we are all feeling the effects of illness, unemployment, economic uncertainty, racist violence, and social unrest. There is a growing need for effective, evidence-based treatment for trauma, depression, anxiety and grief and loss, addictions, and more.

EMDR’s standard protocol and many advanced specialty protocols, including Early Intervention Protocols, are research validated and can have a profound impact on lowering the effects of trauma, increasing resilience, and improving quality of life despite ongoing challenges.

How to Register: Our first virtual EMDR Basic Training is being hosted by Florida Atlantic University’s Phyllis and Harvey Sandler School of Social Work in the usual, two-weekend format. Weekend One will take place Friday, October 23 through Sunday, October 25th, and Weekend Two will take place Friday, December 4th through Sunday, December 6th, 2020. You can get all the details about the training and register by clicking here.

What to Expect: As usual, mornings will consist of lecture and guided practicum sessions will take place each afternoon. Our Connect facilitators are experienced in providing personalized feedback in a virtual setting through Zoom breakout rooms and are constantly amazed by how powerful and positive the client/clinician connections are in this digital setting. One of the unexpected “bonuses” of an online training is that you will be trained right from the beginning in how to deliver EMDR within a telehealth environment!

Build a Network: Our mission at Connect has always been to build local networks of highly effective, trauma-informed therapists who can support and learn from one another as they continue their professional development in the field. Our Connect cohorts often continue to stay in touch – sharing resources, consulting on cases, attending our free monthly Study Group (now virtual), and diving into advanced trainings to work with specialty populations and presentations. We are so excited to continue to build our community through these new Florida-based Virtual Basic Trainings!

Get Started: It’s empowering to know that you don’t have to wait to take the next steps on your career path. If you’ve been wanting to get trained in EMDR or have been looking for a way to feel more confident and effective in treating a range of client issues including trauma and depression, the time is now!