What is Certification in EMDR?

In EMDR vocabulary, the term “Certification” is reserved for an additional, optional process of consultation and review that can only take place AFTER you have completed a full EMDR Basic Training. Therefore, no Basic Training program will make you automatically “Certified” in EMDR.

For full information on EMDRIA Certification, look here. https://www.emdria.org/emdr-training-education/certification-faqs/

The good news is that our comprehensive Basic Training program includes all required lecture, practicum, and consultation for training completion. It sets the stage for you to pursue Certification and take EMDRIA-Approved advanced trainings as desired. We are also happy to work with clinicians who have completed any other EMDRIA-Approved Basic Training program.


Am I eligible for Certification?

Mental health clinicians are eligible to become EMDR Certified Therapists through EMDRIA if:

  • they have an advanced degree from an accredited college or university
  • are fully licensed in their mental health professional field for independent practice
  • have two years of experience (minimum) in that field.

Specific EMDRIA requirements include:

  • Completion of an EMDRIA approved training program in EMDR therapy
  • A minimum of 50 clinical sessions in which EMDR was utilized
  • 20 hours of consultation in EMDR by an Approved Consultant.
    • 10 hours can be done in group format
    • 10 hours must be individual consultation

To maintain the credential, EMDR Certified Therapists must complete twelve hours of continuing education in EMDR every two years.


Ready to get started?

All of our Connect Consultants are EMDRIA-Approved and qualified to provide consultation for Certification in EMDR.

In consultation for EMDR Certification we work together to help you:

  • Achieve proficiency in all phases of the EMDR model
  • Refine case conceptualization and treatment planning
  • Increase capacity to provide treatment for a variety of simple to moderately complex case presentations
  • Enhance competency and fidelity in applying EMDR Therapy’s Standard Protocol.


Connect Group Consultation for Certification

We have Certification Groups forming regularly. Scroll to the top of the page for upcoming group registration.

Group Consultation allows you to connect with other highly motivated EMDR Therapists in a rigorous but supportive environment. Growth can be exponential as you learn from each other’s diverse cases, questions, struggles, and successes. Group also provides an opportunity to develop strong connections and networks with other skilled clinicians. Connect Consultation Group graduates often stay in touch to share referrals, resources, and peer consultation long after they have achieved Certification.


What to Expect:

A typical Certification Group meets monthly or bimonthly for two hours per meeting and is capped at 8 participants.

Meetings include:

  • Focused review of AIP theory and model, including and the eight phases and three prongs of the Standard Protocol
  • Clarification of when and how to adapt Standard Protocol for special populations, presentations, and situations
  • A detailed case presentation by each group member
  • Feedback on a video of your clinical work
  • Exploration of an advanced/specialty protocol of your choice
  • Specific input regarding both your strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Access to supplemental videos, forms, scripts, handouts, and articles.


How to Begin:

  • Register (option to pay in full or pay 50% deposit).
  • Log into the online course platform and review the Participant Agreement.
  • Schedule a brief, introductory conversation with your Consultant.
  • Prepare for your first meeting! Instructions and resources are within the online course.


Connect Individual Consultation for Certification:

Individual consultation provides more in-depth mentoring within a flexible framework that can be tailored to your pace and progress.

Your consultant will get to know you, your work, and your goals. They will guide you toward EMDR mastery with personalized feedback and recommendations. They will track your progress, celebrate your successes, and help you create achievable learning objectives each step of the way. 

You can view our Consultant profiles and contact a Consultant here


Review of videos and behavioral samples in Consultation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then client videos are invaluable to your development as an EMDR Therapist. By reviewing behavioral samples of your actual work, your Consultant can identify important information you might have missed – from subtle nuances in a client’s non-verbal feedback to misunderstandings or misapplications of the protocol. When you watch video of your work during consultation, your Consultant can help you recognize those moment-to-moment choice-points within an EMDR session and improve your ability to select the best interventions for each situation and client.


Choosing an Individual Consultant:

Many consultees prefer to maintain continuity by completing all their group and individual hours with the same Consultant. You also have the option to work with a different Consultant for your individual hours, so long as there is communication between all parties.

Because Certification is focused on developing proficiency with general skills of the AIP model, it is not necessary to select a Consultant with expertise in a particular area of practice. That said, if you work exclusively or primarily with a specific population or presenting issue, such as children or addictions, it can be helpful to work with a someone who has specialized knowledge in that area.


How do I ensure a “good fit” with my Consultant?

If you’ve already had the opportunity to work with someone during Basic Training or consultation, then you’ve probably got a good sense of their personality and professional style. Still, whether your prospective Consultant is known to you or new to you, it helps to have a preliminary conversation before committing to the process.

You might want to hold these questions in mind as you decide…

Do I think I will:

  • Feel safe presenting what I’m proud of as well as my mistakes?
  • Receive clear feedback and direction?
  • Trust that my consultant “knows their stuff” and will maintain high standards for me?


How to Request Individual Consultation for Certification

Get started by reviewing our Team bios.  You’ll find direct contact information for each EMDRA-Approved Consultant right there, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to set up an informational call.

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