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  • Pamela Brigham says:

    Are there updated materials that I could access? I took the training in Virginia Beach in July of 2019.

    • Reg Morrow says:

      Yes, Pamela you can update new materials. go to ConnectEMDR. Click on advanced trainings. Select R/G trainings.
      There scroll down to see resource folder. It may take a minute to pop up.
      password is CONNECTRG. You can then down load everything.

    • Reg Morrow says:

      The training in Virginia Beach was an EMDRHAP offered program. It was not a CONNECT EMDR Training and Consulting program. I recognize Bill did provide trainings for EMDRHAP and Connect, which makes it a bit confusing.
      Unfortunately, the folder is for graduates of the Connect program.
      You might want to investigate the G-REP training which is free for just a bit longer. You can locate it in the webinar section of the Connect EMDR website.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to reach back out.
      Reg Morrow Robinson

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