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This May, All Star Childrenā€™s Foundation in Sarasota, Florida, will host two, in-person, Advanced EMDR trainings with child and family expert Cherilyn Rowland Petrie.

May 8-9th : EMDR and Complex Trauma in Children 2 Day Training (12 CEs)

May 10th: Legacy of Love: EMDR Therapy for (Wounded) Parents of Wounded Kids 1 Day Training (6 CEs)

Both trainings provide next-level skills for working with kids and caregivers who may have symptoms related to developmental trauma and neglect, attachment trauma, and even dissociative processes. Click the links for each training to learn more and register. Registration for these trainings is a la carte, so you can choose to attend one or both trainings. Clinicians who register for both trainings will receive a discounted rate on Legacy of Love (more information can be found on the registration pages).

EMDR and Complex Trauma in Children focuses on child-friendly strategies and interventions for complicated cases.

Legacy of Love focuses on how to work with caregivers who may be struggling to maintain a safe and healing presence with their children; either because of their childā€™s trauma responses, the caregiverā€™s vicarious traumatization, or the caregiverā€™s own history of trauma/neglect.

These trainings are ideal for therapists who have foundational EMDR skills but need clear guidance on how to move through blocks and stuck points common children (and parents) with complex trauma.

EMDR and Complex Trauma in Children with Cherilyn Rowland Petrie

Advanced Strategies…Simplified

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Training Facilitator with years of both clinical and training experience, Cherilyn understands the unique challenges of delivering effective trauma therapy with more complex cases. She has provided these trainings many times for Child Advocacy Center Clinicians and other community mental health agencies, as well as for any clinician who wants to feel more confident using EMDR as a primary, evidence-based modality for healing trauma and neglect in kids and families.

The History:

Last summer, All Star Childrenā€™s Foundation reached out to Connect Training and Consulting about hosting an EMDR Basic Training on their Campus of Hope and Healing in Sarasota, FL. The collaboration was a great success: All Star not only provided training to its own clinical team, but also awarded nearly 30 scholarships to local therapists who work with children in the foster care system!

The mission of All Star Childrenā€™s Foundation is to build brighter futures for children in foster care through innovation, science, and compassion. Their incredible generosity and dedication brought a whole local community closer to fulfilling that mission and will undoubtedly create a tremendous ripple effect for years to come.

Now, with EMDR Basic Training and Consultation under their belts, the All Star clinical team is ready to move into Advanced EMDR Trainings and Certification in EMDR in order to gain more expertise in working with the complex and system trauma that is all too common in the population they serve. Once again, they are opening their doors to Connect and to the larger therapeutic community in hopes that more clinicians can gain these important skills. Thank you, All Stars!