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EMDR All Stars!

Connect is so proud and excited to continue our EMDR Basic Training Collaboration with All Star Children’s Foundation this summer on the ASCH Campus of Hope and Healing in Sarasota, Florida.

EMDRIA-Approved Trainer Christine Bergman will be providing a fully accredited EMDR Basic Training in person on the following dates:

Part One: June 19-21

Part Two: July 31-August 2

This is a Comprehensive Basic Training Package, with all lecture, practicum, training manual and consultation hours included in the registration fee.

Participants who complete the training will be eligible for 40 CEs and will be fully qualified to practice EMDR with adults, teens and children in a variety of practice settings. Discounted rates are available for Graduate Students, Registered Interns, and Non-Profit Clinicians.

You can learn more about this training and register to reserve your spot here.

You can learn more about Connect’s EMDR Basic Trainings, including FAQs and a calendar of upcoming events on our EMDR Basic Training Page.


The Connect + All Star Story

A picture of All Star Children's Foundation building in Sarasota, FL

All Star Children’s Foundation Campus of Hope and Healing Features a State of the Art Clubhouse with beautiful meeting space.

This will be All Star’s second summer welcoming the Connect Team and the larger therapeutic community to their beautiful training space for an EMDR Basic Training. In 2023, members of All Star’s Clinical team were joined by almost thirty area clinicians, each of whom was selected through an application process and given a full scholarship to attend the training. These fortunate therapists all worked for agencies that serve children in the foster care system. The upcoming 2024 EMDR Basic Training in Sarasota is open to all qualified therapists and is self-pay, so that no applications are necessary. It is incredibly generous of ASCF to donate the use of their facility and extend their hospitality once again.

The mission of All Star Children’s Foundation is to build brighter futures for children in foster care through innovation, science, and compassion. Thanks to the generosity of ASCF, many more foster children and families are receiving evidence-based therapy for trauma, neglect, and other disruptive life experiences.

None of this could have happened without the tremendous support and dedication of ASCF’s Program Director, Dr. Kristin Hoffman, and the incredible clinical team, including Clinical Director Chelsea Hernandez and Clinical Supervisor Diana Monzon. (Diana was actually EMDR Trained by Connect’s Claire Mauer back in 2018 and brought her enthusiasm about EMDR into her new position with All Star!)

Investing in EMDR Therapy

As they prepare to host their second EMDR Basic Training with Connect, All Star recently took some time to reflect on the impact of last year’s training and the big investment they have made in getting their own clinical team trained while also hosting fellow therapists. Here’s what they had to say:

We are strong proponents for evidence-based practice not only in our community but across our nation. In advocating for this, we recognized our community providers who serve our children in child welfare often do not have the resources to send their mental health clinicians to specialized trainings like EMDR.

We believe the children and families we work with in the child welfare system are some of the most complex and challenging cases, yet our provider network is often less experienced, supported and trained in therapy modalities that can address these unique challenges.

All Star Children’s Foundation is a small organization, and we know we do not have the capacity to serve every child who comes into care in our circuit. So, we wanted to ensure we had a plethora of trained mental health clinicians in our community that our child welfare partners could turn to while ensuring our children received high fidelity, evidenced-based trauma treatment that could help children heal.

EMDR has been a phenomenal practice to incorporate into our treatment at All Star. Many of our children’s trauma is complex and often occurs even before language development. We have found some of our clients cannot tolerate detailed discussion of their trauma through trauma narrative work, which has become a barrier and challenge for them to make progress. EMDR has been a wonderful option for these clients.

We have seen some clients come into the office who have been with multiple clinicians and are over “talk therapy”. We have seen EMDR work well with our older adolescents in these cases who are “tired of sharing my story with another therapist.” Additionally, in our area there were not many trained EMDR therapists who were working with populations in the child welfare system, so this was a new option that clients were more eagerly willing to engage in with us.

Adding EMDR as an evidenced-based therapy model we offer our clients has allowed our clinicians to become better, more skilled clinicians and has assisted our clients in successfully addressing, processing through, and healing from some of the most egregious traumas out there.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to train and consult with the Connect Training + Consulting EMDR team and are excited to continue growing in our clinical practice over the years!