EMDR Basic Training

Throughout our EMDR Basic Training, we emphasize appropriate client selection, preparation, and stabilization for diverse levels of client complexity and clinical expertise. With ongoing Consultation built right in to the training package, you will get the guidance you need to start using these new skills safely and effectively right away.

Reg Morrow Robinson & Claire Mauer are known for their clear and dynamic training style…providing a supportive and stimulating environment for learning and practicing new skills.

Full Training Package of Two Intensive 3-Day Weekends Includes:

  • 20 hours lecture
  • 20 hours small group practicum
  • 10 hours consultation
  • 20 CEs issued per weekend

Who is Eligible to Take the EMDR Certification Training?

  • Licensed Clinicians
  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  •  Psychologists
  •  Psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric ARNPs
  • Graduate Students in Internship with Active Caseloads
Reg was extremely knowledgeable!  Used great examples and delivered all the things you can’t get from just reading. 

Claire is an incredible presenter! – she is engaging and so knowledgeable!

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