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    Reg Morrow Robinson

    Dolores Mosquera has also written “Working with Voices and Dissociative Parts: a Trauma Informed Approach. These 5 points may help you dial in more clearly to internal communication and connection…
    She shares the following points when exploring how the system relates:
    Relational aspects of the internal system
    1. Acceptance of parts -Despite the fear/conflict, does the client describe some parts with compassion, acceptance or appreciation?
    2. Relationships among parts – What feelings do the parts have towards each other? Which are adaptive for the system in the present moment? Which need to improve?
    3. Degree of cooperation between parts of the system – Is the client aware of any parts attempting to help the system? Can the client accept that there might be an attempt of help even though it may not be clear yet?
    4. Parts that may have ambivalence with therapy -Is there ambivalence or rejection towards therapy? What are their concerns regarding therapy?
    5. Co-consciousness between parts – If it exists, which parts are co-conscious? When does co-consciousness occur? Does it very? How do other parts respond to this?

    Allison Grimes

    Wow. The examples in Ch. 9 are great. I am hoping someone can offer a little clarity around a few passages.

    On page 170 – Last third of the way down the page:

    T: Are you feeling it more now?
    C: No, but I still feel it.

    T: Focus on that pain. Are you noticing it now?

    My question is what if the client had reported feeling the pain for the first time or more now? Would the therapist have responded differently? What does it tell us that the pain is neither new (i.e. arose during BLS from earlier in the session) nor has it intensified?

    Possible answers:
    A) If the pain were new, this could indicate movement of the blockage or the somatization of the DSI/blockage itself. Hence, proceed.

    B) An increased ability to access/feel an already present somatic sensation signals an increase in disturbing emotions. As such, the de-arousal affect has not yet been achieved. However, the phobia is lifting. Check in with client. Ask permission to proceed.

    Another question is how are folks conceptualizing the pain? Is it a dysfunctionally stored element? Was it a container for the unprocessed emotional pain she was told not to feel? Has the pain also served to block the emotional pain?

    I would love to hear your thoughts, folks. Are these the kind of details we should be taking into account as we process blockages with clients?


    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to share with you a cool and fun way to do client mapping that I discovered by accident today. When beginning the mapping process, I typically offer the client pens, crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc…hoping that a small part inside will speak up to collect what resonates with them. Today, the client was triggered big time by my offer as one of their abusers kept a box of those similar items to lure her. I had to think fast, and could feel the client fading away from mapping as I searched for other options. I found pipe cleaners in my supply cabinet and they were a huge hit with the client. She loved making a stick figure of herself and identifying parts as she put them on the body in places she was experiencing them (i.e. – teen part is wrapped around her head) and gave parts different colors.
    I would love to share photos, but can’t figure out how to insert a photo here. Maybe Bill or Reg could help with that.

    Have a great afternoon,

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    Allison Grimes

    That’s so cool, Amy! Way to think on your feet. I love how you were attuned to her drifting and maintained the presence of mind to hang in there, offer up an alternative and venture into play.

    I’d love to see the pictures. I too was looking to share a picture or scanned doc on the DB. Reg and Bill, if your IT person could help with that would be great.

    Best wishes,

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