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    Dena Ford

    Hello everyone. I’m Dena Ford (she/her/hers), licensed mental health counselor in Florida since 2010, and recently earned a PhD in sociology. I also teach lifespan development in a graduate clinical counseling program and recently incorporated PACEs/ACEs historical components into the curriculum. My private practice is Key Counseling Concepts in Central Florida, and I’m currently only telehealth. I work with adults and treat anxiety, panic, depression, life transitions, chronic pain, and stress management. My work is trauma informed, and EMDR has become even more essential. I’m very excited to be here and to meet everyone.

    Jennie Mulligan

    Hello, my name is Jennie Gray Mulligan-Skeen, LCSW, RYT, individual and family therapist and yoga teacher in Atlanta, GA. I have been licensed clinically for 6 years and employed in many different practicing areas over the past 18 years. I teach yoga at the Atlanta jail in addition to staying busy with my own practice. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of best practices for treatment of trauma, anxiety, and so on, through the use of EMDR.

    Irene Maendel

    Hi. My name is Irene Maendel. I live in Manitoba, Canada. I am an intern just completing my Master’s in Counselling Psychology in April. My focus in the past few years has been on trauma interventions. During the past year at Aulneau Renewal Centre, I work specifically with BPD clients. I facilitate DBT skills groups for Aulneau. Aulneau is a trauma-informed organization where most of its practitioners have EMDR training. I am also a Register Social Worker and have been a counsellor in CancerCare for the past seven years.

    Laura Nye

    Hello! My name is Laura and I am a licensed Social Worker and Graduate Student. I will be done with my MSW in 4 weeks. My current practice setting is women who are in active addiction and sex trafficking. I am looking forward to learning EMDR to help these women process their trauma and heal.

    Kevin Colacicco

    Hi, My name is Kevin Colacicco and I am an LCSW living the past 20 years back in a town called Utica in upstate New York. I have had a part time private practice the last 7 years and have been working as a clinical supervisor for a non for profit that prevents children from being placed in the foster care system. I am so looking forward to this training. I hope to add to my skills set and continue to help guide people to complete their trauma.
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    Hello My name is Lisa Colyer. I’m an LMHC in Gainesville, FL. I have been working in the field since 2009, got licensed in 2012 and have mainly worked in substance abuse throughout my career. I have been working in a dual diagnosis detox unit for the past 2 years and love my job. I’m passionate about helping addicts and learning EMDR as so many addicts struggle with trauma related issues that drive their addiction.

    Rhonda Pipkin

    where do I go to join in session class?

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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