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Coming this Fall from Springer Publishing

Edited by: Regina Morrow Robinson, Ed.S.,; Safa Kemal Kaptan, Ph.D.

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EMDR Group therapy is a pioneering book that outlines and defines an emerging field that is taking EMDR Therapy to the next level -making EMDR treatment more accessible to more people – in line with EMDR originator Francine Shapiro’s vision of easing the global burden of trauma. This book presents the diverse applications and advantages for EMDR in groups that will be relevant for clinicians and agencies who are seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways of working, whether or not they have previous experience with groups. – Elan Shapiro MA., Developer of EEI, R-TEP, G-TEP, G-REP,and  4 Elements


An essential reference for emergency planners, government officials, humanitarian aid workers, prison reformers, and community leaders world-wide.Andrew M. Leeds, Ph.D., Director of Training Sonoma Psychotherapy Training Institute


Contributing Authors at EMDR Europe Conference, June, 2023

This innovative book is the first to present EMDR Group Therapy as a pragmatic approach to trauma care that enables practitioners to scale up mental health services while ensuring cost and time efficiency. It delivers step-by-step guidance—supported by real-life case examples—for practicing this safe, effective, and culturally adaptable modality in a wide range of situations and conditions.

Contributing authors include: Ana Gomez, Bill Brislin, Cherilyn Rowland Petrie, Elan Shapiro, Emre Konuk, Gary Quinn, Hope Payson, Marilyn Luber, Mark Nickerson, Philip Manfield, Robbie Adler-Tapia, Viviana Urdaneta Melo, and many more voices from around the globe! Scroll down for the full Table of Contents



Key Features:

  • The first book to disseminate the principles and applications of Group EMDR Therapy
  • Delivers the knowledge of 36 contributing EMDR experts and researchers from 11 countries
  • Follows the eight phases of standard EMDR protocol
  • Offers a window into EMDR practice with a broad variety of specific groups and topics
  • Detailed cultural competence checklist for practitioners to provide care with respect for diversity
  • Includes multiple Case Examples, Learning Objectives, Learned Through Experience boxes, figures and charts, and much more
  • Provides Pocket Guides for a clear, easy-to-follow snapshot of group EMDR protocols

EMDR group protocols are applicable to inpatient and outpatient settings, to strangers experiencing similar or different events, to families, and to a wide range of ages. This edited volume takes readers step by step through applying  EMDR group protocols are in the context of disasters, addictions, schools, medical challenges, grief, families, refugees, victims of sexual violence, emergency responders and more.

Chapters range from describing the theoretical underpinnings to detailing practical applications of EMDR Group Therapy. You’ll find easy-to-follow guidelines as well as fascinating narratives from clinicians who have developed and honed these creative applications in the field while responding to horrific events.

Readers will benefit from a side-by-side comparison of nine different group protocols through the lens of the eight phases of EMDR therapy and early intervention principles. Readers will also learn about the concept of task sharing, which dramatically increases access to treatment by allowing nonspecialist facilitators to deliver low-intensity EMDR treatment options effectively.

To promote in-depth understanding, chapters provide:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Learned Through Experience boxes
  • Case Examples focusing on a variety of specific groups and problems
  • Discussion Questions to reinforce knowledge
  • Pocket Guides refining protocols and derived techniques in a clear snapshot.
  • A full Glossary of terms is also provided at the end of the book. Purchase includes online access via most mobile devices or computers.


More Advanced Acclaim for EMDR Group Therapy

This book is the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive look at ways of providing EMDR therapy in cost-effective group formats, promising to fill a much-needed service worldwide. – Susan Brown, LCSW, National Association of Drug Court Professionals

Impressive in range, depth, and diligence, this, without question, is a bold and timely, ground-breaking textbook. Prof Derek Farrell MBE, President of Trauma Aid Europe

This book offers a 360 degrees immersive experience of EMDR Groups Luca Ostacoli, M.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology

Both experienced EMDR therapists and “newbies” will find specific helpful suggestions on every page  – Jim Knipe Ph.D., author of The EMDR Toolbox

It is a comprehensive and user-friendly handbook well worth reading! Deborah L. Korn, Psy.D. Faculty, EMDR Institute and Trauma ResearchFoundation

The writers and editors’ efforts putting together this book is deeply appreciated and will help to scale up the EMDR therapy impact around the globe. – Ignacio “Nacho” Jarero Ph.D. Developer of IGTP and ASSYST, Kelly Smyth-Dent CEO of Scaling Up, LLC

Meet the Editors:

Reg Morrow Robinson, Ed.S, LMHC, LMFT, NCC

Reg Morrow Robinson has been a practicing therapist for 30 years. She has worked with crisis over her career, was introduced to EMDR therapy in 1995, became an EMDRIA consultant in 2000 and a basic trainer in 2008. In 2012 she became an EMDR R-TEP/G-TEP trainer.  Reg has long had an interest in EMDR early interventions and chaired a panel at the EMDR Early Intervention Summit April 22, 2018: US based community response networks. She currently serves on the leadership team of the national Community Response Network assisting TRN’s, TRT’s & CRN’s to create & stabilize their organizations.

Reg supports Elan Shapiro’s Recent & Group Traumatic Protocols International Network of Trainers and Researchers.

She has presented at multiple EMDRIA conferences on the topics of EMDR Consultation, Early Intervention, and Disaster Response. She currently has a book in press with Springer Publishing; an edited volume on Group EMDR Application and Interventions. Reg is passionate about building community capacity to respond to manmade and natural disasters plus applying EMDR in a time efficient manner to anyone impacted by an overwhelming experience. She currently provides EMDR Recent and Group Traumatic Episode Protocols trainings for Connect and also facilitates a monthly, no-fee Connect EMDR Early Intervention Study Group that meets via zoom.

Safa Kemal Kaptan, Ph.D.

Safa Kemal Kaptan is a researcher in the field of mental health and holds a PhD  clinical psychology at the University of Manchester, the UK. His research has a focus on traumatic reactions, psychosis and early parenting practices among forcibly displaced including refugees and asylum seekers with young children. He published several peer-reviewed articles including first systematic review of Group EMDR protocols in 2021. He was invited to present the findings of this review in the 2021 EMDR Europe Conference. Safa is actively involved in the process of making EMDR Group therapy more accessible to adults, adolescents, and children by co-facilitating EMDR trainings. This included the focus on encouraging growth in areas of underdeveloped topics in the field of EMDR. Currently, Safa contributes to several projects with the colleagues from Complex Trauma and Resilience Research Unit and Global Mental Health and Cultural Psychiatry Research Group. He is currently teaching at the department of Psychology at the University of Bogazici, Istanbul


Four Elements Resource from EMDR Recent Traumatic Events Protocol by Elan Shapiro and Brurit Laub: Guided by Reg Morrow Robinson

Thank you for visiting and learning more about EMDR for Groups and EMDR Early Interventions. Please take a few minutes and enjoy a this Guided audio resource led by Reg Morrow Robinson.


23 Chapters by 36 Authors worldwide! Take a Look at the Table of Contents:

Section 1 Intro to Group and EMDR

  1. From 1:1 to Group EMDR Therapy of EMDR and EMDR in Groups

                        Regina Morrow Robinson and Yesim Arikut Treece

  1. The Power of Groups and Checklist for Cultural Competence for EMDR Therapists

                        Mark Nickerson

  1. Create Your EMDR Group Program

                        Regina Morrow Robinson and Yesim Arikut Treece


Section 2 Group EMDR Protocols, Procedures and Derived Techniques

  1. EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol for Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR IGTP-OTS)

                        Viviana Urdaneta and Viviana Triana

  1. EMDR Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP)

                        Elan Shapiro

  1. EMDR Group Protocol for Children (EMDR-GPC)

                        Dr. Ümran Korkmazlar

  1. Action-Based EMDR Group Psychotherapy (AB-EMDR)

                        Dr. André Monteiro

  1. Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization Procedures (ASSYST)

                        Nicolle Mainthow

  1. Group Flash Technique

                        Dr. Phil Manfield and Dr. Lewis Engel

  1. The Group Immediate Stabilization Procedure (G-ISP)

                        Dr Marilyn Luber and Dr Gary Quinn

  1. The Journey of the Butterfuly G-TEP with Children (C-GTEP)

                        Ana Gomez

  1. Group Resource Enhancement Protocol (G-REP)

                        William Brislin and Dr Maria Masciandaro

Section 3 Group EMDR with different population or in different settings

  1. All Ages and Stages: Group EMDR Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Families

                        Cherilyn Rowland Petrie and Gelly Asovski

  1. A Multi Module Group EMDR Intervention for Culturally Based Trauma and Adversity Reprocessing

                        Mark Nickerson

  1. Group EMDR Therapy with Forcibly Displaced Groups

                        Asena Yurtsever and Emre Konuk

  1. You Are Not Alone Sexual Violence Survivors EMDR Group Protocol

                        Ceit Robinsons, Emma Sanderson and Emma Heaney-Yeatts

  1. Group EMDR Inside Schools and Universities; A Natural Match

                        Anne-Marie Brown and Zeynep Zat

  1. Reconnecting, Trauma, Addiction and Group EMDR Therapy

                        Hope Payson

  1. Integrating Group EMDR into Current Disaster Mental Health A Model for Practice

                        Marlene Kenney

  1. Using Group EMDR with Emergency Responders including Law Enforcement Professionals, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Professionals and Emergency Communication Dispatchers

                        Dr. Robbie Adler-Tapia, Dr Deborah Silveria and Jade DeFrates

  1. Health-Medical Challenges and Grief Group EMDR for Patients and Caregivers

                        Charlotte Archuletta and Vanessa Gradjean

  1. Scaling Up Trauma Treatment Low Intensity AIP Informed Group Interventions

                        Shiraz Farrand, Dr. Cécile Bizouerne, and Adeline Pupat

  1. What’s Next? Future of Group EMDR

                        Regina Morrow Robinson and Dr. Safa Kaptan