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This wonderful New York Times article: ‘I Can’t Turn My Brain Off’: PTSD and Burnout Threaten Medical Workers was forwarded to us by Linda Kocieniewski, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Coordinator of the New York City Trauma Recovery Network. The NY City TRN is a volunteer force of 85 EMDR Therapists who donate their time to provide services in response to community trauma. Like Connecticut’s Fairfield County Trauma Response Team, they are actively engaged in providing front-line treatment to local medical workers and emergency responders.

Connect has been proud to support the NY City TRN members with advanced training in EMDR Recent and Group Traumatic Episode Protocols. Research shows that these early EMDR interventions (EEI) can prevent the onset of PTSD and other symptoms of traumatic stress. Connect Trainers Reg Morrow Robinson and Bill Brislin have pioneered the first live, virtual R-TEP/G-TEP training in North America, training three cohorts in just three weeks! With the help of seasoned Facilitator Mary Jo McHaney, they have ensured that trainees are able to engage in interactive practice sessions in addition to the comprehensive lecture.

Recent trainees have included clinicians from all over the U.S., Canada, and even the United Kingdom. Some live in Covid hotspots and some want to be prepared for anticipated future needs related to the pandemic. Others have sought training to respond to community violence, such as the recent killings in Nova Scotia. We have been incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm, flexibility, and determination of these therapists as they adjust to new ways of learning and delivering life-saving therapeutic interventions. They are the heroes behind the heroes and we are proud to know and work with them!

Connect will be offering another R-TEP/G-TEP training on June 12-13. Register now for Connect EMDR’s training courses. Reg and Bill are also offering a monthly, 90-minute drop-in consultation group focused on EMDR Early Interventions. Register now.


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