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Hello and Welcome to our EMDR Basic Training course. As a dear mentor of mine often says to me “Buckle UP” as you are off on a bold adventure which will expand the way you view your clients and their struggles. EMDR Therapy has a far broader range of effectiveness than just trauma. I look forward to walking you through your first deep dive into EMDR therapy both via lecture, video, and practicums. We have a great team (Christine, Claire, Cherilyn and Jenna) along with myself to support you on this journey.
If you enjoy office hours or arriving early to the learning site to talk about what you are learning and how to integrate it, we will take time to do so each morning before the scheduled lecture. If you run a tight schedule due to a very busy life, do your best to be settled and ready to roll every morning on time, reduce any distractions during the day, then re-engage with your life at 5pm ET.
And do remember to watch the video created by Bill Brislin before hand. It is very helpful.