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Magda Machavariani

Hi everyone,
I’m Magda Machavariani, from Tbilisi, Georgia (not US Georgia), a small country in the Caucasus region, above Turkey and below Russia.
I’m an EAGT accredited Gestalt therapist, MA in psychology and English language & literature. I work with clients of all ages, parents, couples, families and organizations, both in-person and online, in Georgian and English.
I’ve been interested in trauma for years, read a lot about trauma and somatic and mind-body therapeutic approaches. What sparkled my interest in trauma is, firstly, the eye-opening insight that the main root of almost all physical and mental health problems and even terrorism is traumatic stress and unprocessed traumatic experiences (“unfinished business”), and, secondly, our Georgian people are very traumatized (what is happening now in Ukraine, the same has been happening in Georgia for hundreds of years!), so transgenerational trauma is a prevalent problem here in my country.
I got interested in EMDR when I found out that a lot of foreign gestalt trauma therapists were also trained in EMDR and integrated it in their work. It was a validation of my self-awareness that I need something more to work with trauma.
So I’m very grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to meeting you all in these enriching journey!
Wish there were less traumatized people and more peace on all over the world!