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Michelle Tauriello

Hello everyone,
My name is Michelle Tauriello. I am a LCSW in New Jersey. I graduated from Fordham University in New York City, NY. I have worked in the field of psychiatric social work and medical social work for about 30 years. Last year, I started my private practice focusing on adults with depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and complex PTSD. About half of my clients are in the LGBTQ community who present with many challenges, especially traumatic experiences. I call myself an eclectic therapist. I use traditional psychotherapies as well as use of sound therapy using Shamanic drumming and Tibetan singing bowls. I have a Certification in EFT/TFT and use when appropriate. I have learned from colleagues EMDR is quite effective in treating PTSD. I am excited to be a part of this training and to add EMDR in my practice.