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Resetting the Immune System: An EMDR Approach with a Focus on PANS/PANDAS


Resetting the Immune System: An EMDR Approach with a Focus on PANS/PANDAS

This innovative workshop brings together the fields of EMDR and Immunopsychiatry to propose a novel approach to working with clients who suffer from autoimmune inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and PANS/PANDAS. A newly expanded, 6 hour format goes beyond Preparation Phase to include more detailed information about how to proceed through all the prongs and phases of EMDR Therapy, highlighted by case examples and practicum exercises.

Both the nervous system and the immune system have memory networks. Immune systems “learn” from past experiences. When viewed through the AIP lens, chronic inflammatory conditions can be seen as maladaptive responses to present triggers based on past perceptions of threat to the system.

Using principals and procedures derived from Paulson and O’Shea’s approach to “resetting affective circuits” we can target maladaptive immune system flares and help clients “unlearn” these unnecessary or over-reactive immune responses. The procedural steps are gentle and simple to apply.

During this 6-hour workshop, participants will explore interactions between the immune system, stress responses, and mental health. We’ll discuss the diagnostic criteria and medical treatment options for the often misdiagnosed pediatric disorders PANS/PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome and Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep).

Through lecture, video, case studies, and a practicum experience, Jenna will share best-practices she has developed for working with PANS/PANDAS clients, including the use of a trauma, medical, and attachment-informed inventory. She will guide participants through the procedural steps of identifying and processing implicitly stored information that could be contributing to inflammatory responses or “flares.”

These same procedures can be used with other autoimmune and inflammatory conditions to help clients more through stages of inflammation and suppression toward a state of health.