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Lauren Stinson, MS, LPC, CPCS, EMDR Certified & Approved Consultant

Hi, I'm Lauren Stinson and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Atlanta, GA. I have advanced training in EMDR (Certified and Approved Consultant) and Hypnotherapy and Level 1 trained in Brainspotting. My joy in being a therapist is helping people with complex or recent trauma navigate the experience by helping them build resources and coping skills and then reprocessing the event(s) to reduce the emotional charge from it. My other joy is offering individual and group consultations to help clinicians build their skills in EMDR and therapy.

Clients who have found me a great fit range in ages from nine years old to elders/seniors. I support a diverse population of people, and some are ND, LGBTQIA, minorities, women, men, older children, tweens, college aged, parents, new moms, and those with medical trauma or recent or past traumas.

The other part of my private practice is teaching and consulting with clinicians, especially those who utilize EMDR. My goal with teaching and consulting is to spread all the knowledge I've been fortunate enough to learn in basic and advanced trainings to clinicians to ensure there are enough of us trauma therapists out in the world.

I currently have a small amount of openings for virtual therapy; my in person therapy openings are on a waiting list. My consultation groups are open and happening now. If you'd like to find out more about either therapy or consultation, please email me.

Thank you for checking out my profile. I wish you well on your journey!

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