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Melissa Moulton, MSW

Hi! I'm Melissa. I’m a registered clinical social work intern, a mother, birth doula, trauma informed yoga teacher and restorative practices facilitator.

For 6 years I have worked with children, teens and adults navigating ADHD, anxiety, depression, school issues, gifted and autistic individuals, complex trauma, eating disorders, traumatic birth experiences, pregnancy loss, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, reproductive health diagnoses, parenthood/co-parenting, teen parenthood, adoption, domestic violence, substance use and support for fellow helping professionals and first responders. I utilize many modalities in my work including but not limited to: EMDR, somatic practices, breathwork, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, DBT and more.

My goal is to provide all people a space to experience self compassion and to know that what they are going through is not something they have to experience alone or feel permanently stuck in. We can get to a hopeful place together! :)

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