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Nina Fortuna, LMFT

Nina Fortuna, LMFT

People access Nina to work on uncomfortable emotions and distressing sensations in their body, related to relationship distress or traumatic experiences they have faced. Together with Nina, you will explore the parts of yourself that feel separate or different from how you think about yourself as a whole person. You will safely address internal conflict to support more authenticity and less “stuckness” in the present experience. Nina is passionate about exploring the emotional climate of your past to help you strengthen your current relationships with your self and with others.

Nina uses EMDR therapy to work with complex trauma and dissociation, as well as with acute presentations of stress. Nina uses regulatory and somatic techniques to encourage healthy coping of emotions and distressing or disconnected experiences of the body. Nina is passionate about helping people gain comfort with processing uncomfortable emotions.

Nina believes in doing the work for her self in addition to her supporting others in making changes to how they experience their emotions. Embracing an emotional self is scary and hard work. It also is rewarding, transformational, and empowering to take care of your self for your self. If you've felt alone with your emotions, Nina may be able to help.

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