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Oraine R. Ramoo, M.Ed., CTT, BFRP, CNT

Oraine has been working exclusively with women for her entire 15-year career supporting them through their healing of sexual and reproductive traumas as a sexual trauma specialist. She is passionate about elevating women with the soul fracture of sexual trauma and uses a number of approaches in a holistic manner including: EMDR, ITR, narrative therapy, Guided Drawing, flower essences (as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner), essential oils (as a NAHA Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist) and Depth Psychology. She is EMDRIA Certified and an Approved Consultant.

Due to her work with women and CPTSD, Oraine spends time helping women understand their menstrual cycle and how it affects their mental health and has advanced training and extensive experience with dissociative states. She loves working with shame and melting the freeze of shame.

Oraine also conducts Trauma Intensives online and in-person at her office in the Caribbean. She believes that your story is meant to be told, held sacred and deeply honoured.

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