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Shelley Carmine Bowles, LCSW

Shelley has been practicing in the Orlando area for over 25 years. Originally trained in EMDR in 2005, she enjoys fostering the growth and development of therapists as a Certified EMDR Therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and Facilitator for both EMDR Basic and EMDR R-TEP/G-TEP trainings. She is licensed to practice in both Florida and Georgia and is a Qualified Supervisor in Florida.

Shelley is passionate about her community and has conducted critical incident stress debriefings for the victims and survivors of natural disasters, violence, and loss. An an active member of the Greater Orlando Trauma Recovery Network, Shelley has provided EMDR Early Interventions in response to local collective traumas such as the murder of George Floyd and the Pulse Massacre.

Shelley served a non-profit outpatient facility in multiple roles before opening a private practice in 2001. She specializes in working with complex PTSD, couples, first responders, and therapists, with a focus on attachment and ego states.

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