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Sonya Peretti-Hull M.Ed., LPC

I work with clients to achieve a fulfilling and satisfying life, whether personally, professionally, or both. I offer evidence-based approaches within a secure and supportive environment. I specialize in EMDR, draw on a foundation of Family Systems Counseling and the Stress Model, and am IFS informed. As a guide, I equip clients with effective tools for mindfulness and stress management and help interested clients process, integrate, and understand the impact of overwhelming events.

Through coaching and support, I help clients develop the skills and resources necessary to address emotional challenges and enhance their overall well-being. I work with clients interested in processing and integrating traumatic experiences to improve their mental health functioning and overall quality of life.

Taking the first step in investing in one's emotional well-being can sometimes feel daunting. I encourage you to give yourself the opportunity. If you are interested you can schedule a free 15 consultation to learn more.

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