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Above: Reg Morrow Robinson and Bill Brislin share Group EMDR Protocols with Colleagues

GREP is Resourcing for Groups!

Resourcing is a term used in EMDR Therapy to denote ego strengthening – helping a person increase their access to qualities such as confidence, strength, and resiliency. The Group Resource Enhancement Protocol (G-REP ) was developed during the initial bombing of Kyiv to help our fellow therapists in gather the inner strength necessary to continue showing up effectively for their clients, families, and country.

With so much current conflict and trauma internationally, along with continued natural and man-made disasters, there is a need for EMDR Early Intervention Protocols that can be accessed and delivered quickly, safely, and effectively. You can access a one-hour, on-demand video training for G-REP on the R-TEP/G-TEP advanced training page of the Connect website. The training is led by EMDRIA-Approved  EMDR Trainer Bill Brislin and costs only $30.

G-REP is easy to learn and simple to apply:

A colorful worksheet is used as the leader guides participants through the installation of five resources. No traumatic material is accessed or processed. At the conclusion of a G-REP session, participants have reported feeling “relieved, stronger, calmer, and more focused.”

This protocol is adaptable to multiple circumstances and populations from young children to the elderly. It can be useful for people experiencing extreme and dire circumstances, clients who benefit some extra preparation for EMDR work, or for performance enhancement. The applications are vast as it can be delivered in person or virtually.

The process includes drawing, some slow bilateral stimulation, and sharing of strengths and insights. A very cool thing about G-REP is that it can be delivered to individuals or groups and may be administered by any therapist trained in G-REP regardless of prior EMDR Therapy training or experience.

Part of the “TEP” Suite of EMDR Early Intervention Protocols

G-REP is part of the “TEP” suite, i.e., “Traumatic Episode Protocols.” It can be delivered on its own or in conjunction with one of the others. This array of protocols includes the Four Elements, the Recent Traumatic Episodes Protocol (R-TEP), Unfinished Traumatic Episodes Protocol (U-TEP), and the Group Traumatic Episodes Protocol (G-TEP).

These protocols can reduce traumatic stress symptoms and can be used separately or together for crisis intervention and PTSD prevention in the field or in the office. You can learn more about these protocols and find an upcoming R-TEP and G-TEP training here.